Equipment and production line

Inauguration of a new production line with a capacity of 5 million square meters per year and testing of laminated glass

PVB film production lines of Razin Polymer Rahe Abrisham production complex have been designed and executed based on the latest technology in the world using Cast Extrusion process. Due to the sensitivity of the properties of PVB film to moisture and temperature, as well as the adhesion of these films to particles and dust, most of the production lines of Razin Polymer Company are located in clean, isolated rooms with a class of 100,000.

Razin Polymer Rahe Abrisham development plan was put into operation by adding 5 million square meters to the company’s capacity. Major and sensitive equipment of Razin Polymer Company’s PVB Film production lines, including fully automatic die, high-precision feeders, fully automatic X-ray thickness gauge, dual-screw extruders, integrated annealing unit, etc., from the most up-to-date companies producing polymer process products. Instruments have been purchased and installed in the United States, Switzerland, France and China.